Five Mysteries In The New Legion Of Super-Heroes

The new Legion of Super-Heroes by Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook has set itself apart from previous versions of the titular team. With the first issue and a cast of almost three dozen, there are some questions that Bendis needs to answer.

What’s Up With Dr. Fate?

Dr. Fate is always noticeable, no matter what team he or she is on. Part of that is the helmet. In every team shot, Fate is very noticeable. However, something that wasn’t easily noticed at first was the multiple arms and alien nature. There’s been debate on whether or not this is the helm of Nabu.

It also brings to question two traditions of the Legion. In the past, Legionnaires’ powers could not come from outside equipment or devices. In other words, at least one of their powers had to be completely theirs. With the White Witch also shown to be on the team, is there not a moratorium on duplicate powers? That last one was always fudged a little bit, especially when it came to Mon-El, Supergirl, Superboy and Ultra Boy.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind those rules not being a part of this Legion. Every super-hero team has at least one team member that has no actual super powers. Heck one of the most popular heroes is Batman, who’s got so many gadgets that you do a book just about the stuff Batman has used. As far as two magic users on the team, I’m all for it, especially when it looks like one of the first Legion foes this team battles is going to be Mordru.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Art by Ryan Sook, from Legion of Super-Heroes #1

Which brings me to…

What Is The Deal With Mordru?

Mordru has been a staple villain for the Legion of Super-Heroes. He was unique because Jim Shooter conceived of him as a foe with one heck of a reputation. It’s good that Bendis is reusing this aspect of the dark lord. Ultra Boy calls Mordru a “demon gangster.” Mordru is operating on Planet Gotham, which apparently is a place young super-heroes shouldn’t go. He’s also got enough swagger to have the Horraz, described as “the worst in the galaxy” working for him.

This is a case where I think we can expect exactly what we have gotten here. The idea of gangsters in the Legion’s time has been tried, with less than stellar results. Mordru didn’t even make an appearance in the threeboot, so his reputation is a little tarnished. He was used as a foe for the JSA, which took him away from the Legion. It’s about time he comes home, and if we’re going to have gangsters on Planet Gotham, it might as well be a tough one.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Art by Ryan Sook, from Legion of Super-Heroes #1

Art from Ryan Sook, from Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2

What Is Rose’s Role With The Legion?

In LOSH: Millennium #2, Rose approached the Legion and said she had a great deal to share with them, supposedly about the thousand years of history she had seen. In the Legion’s first issue, she’s apparently working for the Legion. She’s gotten a call from the President of the United Planets about bringing Superboy to the 31st century. We can deduce that at least, because as soon as she sees Superboy, she says, “never mind.”

Of course, Superboy flies off as Rose is introducing herself. We get no sense of what her role is except as a type of receptionist or advisor. I think we should put money on her advising the Legion. Rose has seen Earth civilization crash and burn several times. She also has a little knowledge about the 21st century heroes from being one of them, in a way. The Legion also seems very interested in aiding in the restoration of Earth. Aquaman’s trident may be the key to restoring the oceans to the planet. 

Is Gold Lantern Blind?

The lantern in the Legion isn’t part of the Sinestro Corps. He’s been referred to as Gold Lantern by Bendis during an interview with Den of Geek. There is one little detail about him that is odd. Gold Lantern has no eyes. At least, there are no eye holes in his mask. We can assume that Gold Lantern is probably pretty powerful, and a gold lantern ring can probably provide a replacement sense for sight.

I imagine that this isn’t a big mystery with a major reveal that becomes a bigger story. More than likely, someone will ask Gold Lantern about it, and he’ll give the answer in a panel or two. I also want to point out that if his power ring is the source of his abilities, this is another example on the old Legion rule on natural abilities doesn’t exist.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2

Art from Ryan Sook, from Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2

Legion of Super-Heroes

Art from Ryan Sook, from Legion of Super-Heroes #1

Who Is the Green Skeleton Girl?

In Legion of Super-Heroes #1, it became obvious that the mysterious Legionnaire that looks like a Skeleton in a green costume is a girl. While I previously mentioned Radiation Roy, the character also resembles Atomic Skull, a Superman villain. with only a visible skeleton, obvious female proportions, she could also be somehow related to Director Bones, formerly of Infinity, Inc. My money is on this being a new character of Bendis’s creation.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised at her having some kind of radiation-related powers. There are no symbols on her costume to give us any clues to her powers. Of course, she is raising her hands to the threat of the Horraz. This could signify some type of Energy blasting power from her hands. I also have this sneaky feeling that she’s going to become one of my favorite Legionnaires.

Of course, there are more questions, like the continuity errors between LOSH: Millennium #2 and the first issue of the new series. I’m curious about the Dream Girl / Mon-El relationship. I’m curious about one panel where one of the Triplicate Girls having knowledge that another one doesn’t. Phantom Girl has a halo that appears to be a weapon. I also want to see if there are any relationships between Legionnaires. 

Man, I haven’t felt like this in a long time.