First Look at Week One of Villains Month: Cyborg Superman, Desaad, Grodd, & Count Vertigo

DC Comics provided even more information concerning Villain month! Check it out! Also if you plan to get all the 3-D covers then the next story is a must read. More after the jump!

Following the events of this summer’s crossover “Trinity War,” a dark shadow will be cast across the DC Universe.

This September, all of the DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 titles will be replaced by Villains books. What happens when the heroes of the DC Universe fall and there’s nobody left to stop the villains from taking over? Find out this fall during Villains Month, which will spotlight 52 of the DC Universe’s biggest rogues in their own one-shots.

Today, kick off your weekend by taking an exclusive first look at the first week’s worth of releases coming out of Villains Month. Throughout the day, we’ll be giving you sneak peeks at all of the Villains Month titles that arrive in stores on September 4. In the gallery above, check out a sampling of interior art from ACTION COMICS #23.1: CYBORG SUPERMANEARTH 2 #15.1: DESAADTHE FLASH #23.1: GRODD and GREEN ARROW #23.1: COUNT VERTIGO

CYBSM_1_05_600_proof DESAAD_1_03_art  DESAAD_1_20_artGRODD_1_11_col.jpgCountVertigo#1_page2_LowResGRODDpages13-14.jpgCountVertigo#1_page08_09_LowRes