Final Images for AGP Battleship Yamato from Kantai Collection

 Bandai Tamashii Nations has finally revealed the final product samples for one of the most highly anticipated  Armor Girls Project (AGP) figure yet – Battleship Yamato from the hit online browser game, Kantai Collection

As you can see this figure is sick and consider this the import of the day, heck make that the week. Even through this is new territory for Needless, we will continue to explore new collectibles from around the world. Check out some of the features to this beauty below. This item is scheduled for release come this October.

46cm gun is possible to turn the main gun in the direction a favorite rotating pedestal part. 
Movable turret work together.

Vice gun turret also moveable pedestal or independently.

It is possible that the outfitting itself or greatly expanded, to closing, can be given a pose just as wanted. 
Outfitting part is removable, able to play Kanmusume alone is also available.

Face parts are included with four. 
Hand parts also comes with a variety and can be given a pause at will.

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