The Figure That Imploded The Internet**Update!!

Update- 8/22/2016

The GI Joe Collectors Club has heard you and this figure will be addressed with a possible new build! The Club heard you and they are taking action. We will know more soon so rest assured, Salvo will be improved!

It’s not too often a toy is released (or an initial image, such as this) that will lead to true nerd rage. Once in a blue moon one will come along and unite the fandom. In this case, the united fandom all agree that this pending release is just plain horrible. The GI Joe Collectors Club released an image of a highly anticipated FSS 5.0 figure Salvo and the internet imploded. I have never seen such hate for a release and I can see why. Now let’s give the Club some slack; this could just be a very bad mock up. Still, this figure, if not changed, will go down as the one release that brought Joe fans together. Lets all hope that poor Salvo gets a major update and corrected before his pending release.

14089200_10100634271118122_4486387790596034080_nNow here are some of the items that irritated the fans. The first thing is Salvo is a big guy, this figure is not. The text on his shirt is all wrong. That would be a simple fix. His weapons…..well, these are many other options available. If the Club would just change the weapon(s) then maybe the fandom would relax a bit. As it stands he will be the worst release since Range Viper.