Faithless #2 – Review

I went through the review copies sent to us by the publishers. After a pretty lackluster week, I was chomping at the bit to review something. I was almost ready to give up when I saw a cover by Paul Pope. In this day and age, that doesn’t mean the same artist on the inside, but if someone chooses Paul Pope to do a cover, then they might just produce the type of comic that I like. So I opened up Faithless #2, ready to be entertained.

Faithless #2

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Maria Llovet
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Paul Pope
Erotic Cover: Vanesa R. Del Rey
Price: $3.99


Faith is drawn into a new world when she attends a party at the home of renowned artist Louis Thorn. It’s a world of opulence, excess, and sensuality—and something darker that she can’t put her finger on. There is something . . . curious about these people, a darkness or shadow just at the edge of reason . . . and maybe it is exactly what Faith is looking for.


I didn’t read Faithless #1, although it is now on my desktop waiting for me. The first few pages didn’t sit well with me. It was a little too overt in its depiction of Faith’s sexuality. Of course, I’m willing to give it a shot, so I read on.

I’m really glad that I did. Faith rings true of a young woman in a little over her head. Her emotions at the party feel palpable. A good writer can make readers empathize with characters they hold very little in common with. I have almost nothing in common with Faith, but I feel joy with her, fear for her safety and revel when things begin to go her way. 

The artwork by Maria Llovet is very good and appropriate for the aforementioned Paul Pope cover. At times it seems a little rough around the edges at times, but when she’s at her best, it is astounding. The party is drawn and feels like a real place. She manages to make a fire escape feel like a confined space as well. Overall, the artwork gets me engrossed in the comic, and I don’t come out until the end.

Rating: 8.0 (out of 10)

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