Eraklis Petmezas: Artist Of The Week

Our weekly feature is back, featuring a cartoonist you may not have heard of if all you read are Marvel and DC, Eraklis Petmezas. With what could best be described as an indy style, he is a master at silent storytelling. His work The Last Cigarette shows his capability for traditional storytelling. A more recent work, The Mad Greek shows his capability for more artistic and symbolic cartooning.

Eraklis Petmezas does shows in the North Carolina vicinity. He does have accounts on DeviantArt and Tumblr if you’d like to contact him for a commission. In the meantime, check out the gallery below, pulled from both of those sources.

Eraklis Petmezastumblr_mfx1jnPL1A1qjqz09o1_500 the_devil_and_the_greek_pg6_by_madtiki-d73kv4j

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