Eddie Gorodetsky’s “The Further Adventures Of Nick Wilson” Debuts In January

When creators come from outside of comics, it can signal something big and special. Sometimes it’s a novelist, sometimes it’s a writer from film or television. This January, an Emmy Award-winning writer brings his talent to Image Comics in a story that tells what happens after a hero fades away.

Eddie Gorodetsky has written for many shows including Late Night With David Letterman which won him an Emmy in 1985. He’s also written for Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Saturday Night Live, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Batman: The Animated Series. For The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson he’s teaming with Marc Andreyko, who recently put together the acclaimed Love Is Love anthology.

Here is the full press release from Image Comics.


“I love this comic book by Eddie Gorodetsky. If you love comic books you will for reals love this.” —Sarah Silverman

Image Comics will debut THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF NICK WILSON created by Emmy Award winning writer-producer Eddie Gorodetsky and Eisner Award winning writer Marc Andreyko. Gorodetsky, whose credits include Mom, Big Bang Theory, and Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan, teamed up with Andreyko whose recent collection Love Is Love united the comics world to raise money and awareness in the wake of the Orlando LGBTQ shootings.

Nick Wilson, their first collaboration, is illustrated by comics veterans Steve Sadowski and Ian Churchill. Colored by Hi-Fi Colour Design, lettered by A Larger World Studios, and edited by Shannon Eric Denton with covers by Pete Woods and Ian Churchill.

THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF NICK WILSON is a story for anyone who failed publicly, who didn’t prepare for a second act in their life, who hit a wall and didn’t know how to recover. For a few years in his early 20s, Nick Wilson had super powers and all the acclaim associated with them. When those powers vanished, so did his fame, sending him from national hero to late-night punch line. By the time we pick up his story, he is not yet 30 and barely a name in a trivia contest. Faced with a life in a rear view mirror full of lost powers, faded glory, former enemies, ex-girlfriends, and forgotten grudges, Nick struggles to figure out who he is today. Packing on an extra 20 pounds and peering through a medicinal marijuana haze, he is trying to build a future when all that’s left is just a man who hasn’t been super for a very long time. These are THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF NICK WILSON.

“After reading comic books all my life, it was exciting to write one,” said Gorodetsky. “I kinda learned to write scripts by imagining comic panels in my head like instant storyboards, and it was really exciting to actually make one and work with artists and make the world and characters come alive from the ground up.”

Andreyko added: “Working on this project with Eddie, Stephen, Ian, and Pete has been an absolute joy. I’m incredibly proud of the book we’ve made, and I hope fans enjoy it even half as much as we did making it.”

NICK WILSON #1 Cover A by Woods (Diamond Code NOV170648) and Cover B by Churchill (Diamond Code NOV170649) will be available on Wednesday, January 17th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, December 18th.


“Eddie Gorodetsky is the funniest man in the world. He is also one of the best friends to have in the world. He knows everything about, well everything, but especially music, comedy, and comics. He writes the most successful comedy on TV. Now, he’s written the best ex-superhero comic ever. If he learns to play sax, my life will be perfect. I love Eddie.” —Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller

“A funny, human comic about what it means to go from ‘super’ to ‘human.” —Patton Oswalt

“In the Nick Wilson stories Eddie Gorodetsky has created the superhero that we probably lurks within each of us; flawed beneath a thin disguise of skin and wrestling with a legend that was pressed upon us all.” —Elvis Costello

“I hate blurbing people’s stupid f@%*king books but I love this comic book by Eddie Gorodetsky. If you love comic books you will for reals love this.” —Sarah Silverman

“Writer/creators Eddie Gorodetsky and Marc Andreyko have teamed with artist Stephen Sadowski to pose the question most caped crusaders never have to answer: ‘Now what?’ The world’s first real super hero Nick Wilson was at the start of a glorious career which ended faster than a speeding bullet. Now not yet thirty, he has to face his uncertain future without powers, without the costume, and with very few options other than dealing with his non-super life one day at a time. The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson is a sometimes funny, always touching parable about the pitfalls of early success, cloaked in the tale of a one-time hero who believes his best days are behind him.” —Paul Dini