Dynamite Previews For January 6, 2016

It’s a big, thick week for Dynamite Previews, and not with the number of books hitting your local comics shop, but in the page counts for the three books they’re shipping to stores. Check out the previews below.

RSVultureTP-CovRed Sonja Vulture’s Circle TP

writers: Nancy A. Collins, Luke Lieberman
artist: Fritz Casas
cover: Jay Anacleto
FC • 136 pages • $17.99 • Teen+

Red Sonja, now older and battle-scarred, has turned away from the warrior’s lifestyle of bloodshed and vengeance. As the headmistress of an academy for sword maidens, she prepares a new generation of She-Devils to face whatever conflicts and horrors the Hyborian Age can muster. However, when the fate of the world once again stands upon the edge of blade, Sonja must come out of retirement to wield it!
Deep in the shadowy realm of southern Stygia, cultists have performed a blood ritual, giving birth to Sutekh, the son of the ancient god Set. A winged reptilian with the power to draw human souls out of his victim’s bodies, the vicious demigod raises an army to conquer all mankind. Kingdoms fall one by one before his wrath, and the
temples of all other gods are razed to the ground. Red Sonja, aided by her prize pupils, must blaze a path to the fabled God Caves in search of the only divine power capable of matching Sutekh’s might… but to win the favor of her patron goddess Scathach, Sonja must face the failings of her earlier life and make a terrible sacrifice of her own.
Acclaimed author Nancy A. Collins (Vampirella, Swamp Thing) joins with Luke Lieberman (writer of the sweeping Queen Sonja saga) and skilled artist Fritz Casas (The Blood Queen) to tell a heart-wrenching, world-shattering tale of the once and future She-Devil!

RSVultureTP_Page_01 RSVultureTP_Page_02 RSVultureTP_Page_03 RSVultureTP_Page_04

RSVultureTP_Page_05 RSVultureTP_Page_06 RSVultureTP_Page_07 RSVultureTP_Page_08

RSVultureTP_Page_09 RSVultureTP_Page_10 RSVultureTP_Page_11 RSVultureTP_Page_12

TerminalHeroTP-CovTerminal Hero TP

writer: Peter Milligan
artist: Piotr Kowalski
cover: Jae Lee
FC • 168 pages • $19.99 • Mature

Peter Milligan, one of the comic industry’s most groundbreaking writers (Shade: The Changing Man, X-Statix, Doop, Hellblazer), presents a tale of psychic powers gone awry, and one man’s terrible battle with his own inner demons!
Rory Fletcher is a good man dying of an inoperable brain tumor, with only two months to live. When his best friend discovers the top secret Treatment Q, buried by the government due to its shocking and unpredictable side effects, Rory figures it can’t be any worse than dying. However, as the chemicals attack the tumor in his right parietal, they unlock the brain’s unlimited potential, triggering psychokinesis… and manifesting his worst fears and nightmares as visions and physical constructs! Can he curb his dangerous impulses before the bodies of loved ones and innocent bystanders start piling up? Or will agents of British Intelligence and other Treatment Q survivors manipulate his fearsome new abilities for their own ends?

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PathVol4HC-Cov-StandardPathfinder Vol. 4 Origins HC

writer: Erik Mona, James L. Sutter, F. Wesley Schneider
artist: Tom Garcia, Kevin Stokes, Leandro Oliviera
cover: Stjepan Sejic
FC • 200 pages • $29.99 • Teen+

To prove themselves to the Pathfinder Society, Valeros the fighter and his companions must recount tales of their early exploits in a world beset by magic and evil. Thrill to the solo adventures of Valeros, holy warrior Kyra, Seoni the sorcerer, martial artist Sijan, Harsk the dwarven ranger, and Ezren the wizard, as they journey treacherous lands, survive wild creatures and fairy magic, unearth ancient threats, and prove their heroism time and time again!
With six captivating stories (each connected by a common narrative thread) and explosive artwork, this fourth volume in the Pathfinder graphic novel series expands upon the mythos of Paizo’s award-winning fantasy world, fiction line, and tabletop RPG. The collection features Pathfinder: Origins issues #1-6 by Erik Mona (Publisher of Paizo Publishing, LLC), game designers James L. Sutter and F. Wesley Schneider, and artists Tom Garcia, Kevin Stokes, and Leandro Oliviera; a cover gallery of 30 beautiful images; twenty-four pages of characters and world detail for the Pathfinder RPG, and a removable poster-map of the region explored in the graphic novel.

PathfinderV4Origins_Page_01 PathfinderV4Origins_Page_02 PathfinderV4Origins_Page_03 PathfinderV4Origins_Page_04

PathfinderV4Origins_Page_05 PathfinderV4Origins_Page_06 PathfinderV4Origins_Page_07 PathfinderV4Origins_Page_08

PathfinderV4Origins_Page_09 PathfinderV4Origins_Page_10 PathfinderV4Origins_Page_11 PathfinderV4Origins_Page_12