Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Poster

Dude, When’s my Movie Being Released?

Greetings Needless Essential Friends and Family. I volunteered to track the latest news on when our most anticipated movies will finally be released post lock down. I hope to update this article weekly. (Unless there is no news to share of course.) Let us know in the comments if I missed a movie you think is Essential!


Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Poster

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984:

Release Date: Aug 14, 2020

Status: Ready to be released. Wonder Woman’s delay is strictly due to all of the closed theaters. However, everyone seems to agree that things should return to normal by mid-summer. I would not anticipate any further delays for this movie.




The Batman Movie Poster

The Batman

The Batman:

Release Date: Postponed

Status: Principal Photography Halted. As you know, stuff like this can create a ripple effect throughout the industry. For example, the Rock stars in both Black Adam and Red Notice. Now that Red Notice halted its principal photography, Black Adam will likely be delayed.




The Suicide Squad Movie Poster

The Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad: (Which is neither a sequel nor a reboot.)

Release Date: Aug 2021

Status: James Gunn finished filming and began editing Suicide Squad from home. He needs to ensure the movie meets its Aug 2021 release date. Especially now with Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in pre-production. Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, according to Vin Diesel (Groot) some of the Guardians’ cast will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder.




The New Mutants Movie Poster

The New Mutants

The New Mutants:

Release Date: Postponed Indefinitely

Status: Ready to be released. Disney currently owns The New Mutants film due to the recent deal with Fox. But it was Fox who made the film. Which means, the New Mutants are not a part of the MCU story line, its delay will not cause a ripple effect. Leaving Disney with only having to pay distribution costs. (average cost equals $30 million per film) Reducing Disney’s risk for releasing this movie to almost nil.

This leaves us with only one question: What are they going to do now? They can release New Mutants in theaters, through Video on Demand or via one of their streaming platforms (Disney+/Hulu). If one considers that the movie was scheduled for release April 10th, then it is safe to assume Disney has already paid for distribution and will need to release the movie to theaters to recoup its investment.



Black Widow Movie Poster

Black Widow

Black Widow: (along with the rest of the MCU)

Release Date: Postponed Indefinitely

Status: Ready to be released, but here is the problem. The MCU has a very intricate plan in place to tell their story during Phase 4. Unlike previous Marvel TV Shows in the past, the movies and TV shows featured on Disney+ will affect each other, with each story building upon the next. Postponing Black Widow pushes everything else back. But Scott… I thought this movie only existed to wrap up loose threads from Phases 1-3? Not so True Believers, everyone expects Florence Pugh’s character Yelena to fill the void Scarlett Johansson’s character Natasha left behind, when her story concluded in Avengers End Game.  Which makes this an origin story instead.



Snake Eyes Movie Poster

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes: A GI Joe Origin:

Release Date: October 23rd, 2020

Status: Principal Photography Complete, Reshoots Required, hopefully it will still be released on time. In other Hasbro news: We have two Transformer Films in the works, a My Little Pony Film and of course Micronauts!




Morbius Movie Poster



Release Date: from July 31st 2020 to March 19, 2021

Status: Last seen doing reshoots. However, it looks like all of the Sony Spider movies will eventually connect to the MCU. And just like with the MCU, Sony is trying to tell its own intricate network of stories within the Spider-Universe. Therefore, I would expect delays for Venom II and Spiderman III now that Morbius has been delayed.



Ghostbusters: Afterlife Movie Poster

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Ghostbusters Afterlife:

Release Date: from July 10, 2020 to March 4 2021

Status: In post-production as of October. With the four original characters being in their 60’s, I would expect this to be their last Ghostbuster film. So make sure you catch this one in March.




Uncharted Movie Poster



Release Date: From March 5, 2021 to Oct 8, 2021

Status: Unfortunately, they had just started filming when everything was placed on pause. Which could really slow down a lot of Sony and Disney films with Tom Holland starring in this film as well. But more importantly, why is this the first I have heard of it? I have got to get out of my Hobbit Hole a little more often. In my opinion, Uncharted is the best Indiana Jones style game I have ever played (sorry Lara Croft). And with a cast featuring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas. I cannot wait!


All movie posters came from IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7126948/