DST Reveals Marvel Minimates Infinity Fan Poll Winners!!

Diamond Select Toys has officially revealed the winners of the Marvel Minimates Infinity Fan Poll. If you remember DST asked fans to submit their picks for this set. We will get an exclusive box set for Toys R Us and 4 two packs. You can check out the full line up below!  

Marvel Minimates Infinity Box Set

  • Space Suit Captain America
  • Armored Hulk
  • Thane
  • Thanos

Marvel Minimates Toys “R” Us Series 19

  • Mark 38 Armor Iron Man and Ronan the Accuser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anti-Sinister Six Spider-Man and Mysterio
  • Payback Wolverine and a Sentinel
  • Quicksilver and The Vision

Read on for the images and more info.

Marvel Minimates Infinity Fan Poll Winners Revealed!

This summer, Marvel fans were asked to vote in a special poll, designed to determine the fate of six Minimates mini-figures! Four of these Minimates would make up a new box set, available exclusively at select Toys”R”Us stores and online at Toysrus.com; the other two would go on to an unknown fate. Now, Diamond Select Toys is excited to announce the results of the poll!

The Infinity Box Set will be available exclusively at Toys”R”Us this month, and will include Space Suit Captain America, Armored Hulk, Thane and Thanos, all based on their appearances in Marvel’s 2013 Infinity crossover and mini-series. Each figure stands approximately 2 inches tall and features interchangeable parts. Also included in the set are four clear display bases, as well as hairpiece, glove and shield accessories for Captain America.

For those who voted for Mark 38 Armor Iron Man or Ronan the Accuser, have no fear! Both of these figures will be available as part of a Marvel Minimates 2-pack exclusively at Toys”R”Us! As part of Series 19, Ronan will come with Iron Man in his new-fangled space armor. Additionally, Anti-Sinister Six Spider-Man will come with Mysterio, Payback Wolverine will come with a Sentinel and Quicksilver will come with The Vision!

Look for both the box set and 2-pack to hit Toys“R”Us shelves and Toysrus.com before the end of the year!. The box set is already up for pre-order!

InfinityFront1 InfinityMMboxback1 InfinityMMSet1 TRU19_pkg_IronMan_Ronan1 TRU19_pkg_vison_quicksilver1 TRU19_pkg-SpiderMan_Mysterio1 TRU19_pkg-Wolverine_Sentinel1