DST Alien Day Announcement

Diamond Select Toys just dropped a very cool DST Alien Day announcement on their blog. But first, They have a new animated clip using theirĀ  Aliens Minimates made by Alex Kropinak!

The 44 second animated short made by Marvel’s What The…?! animator Alex Kropinak showcases the Alien Queen and Powerloader deluxe Minimates sets we reviewed over the weekend. I love this short and would buy DVD’s of all of the movies animated with Minimates if they were as good as this short. Check it out below:

Now, about this DST Alien Day announcement I mentioned, well it’s two fold. First off, Diamond Select Toys is holding an Aliens Minimate photo contest. All you have to do it post your best Aliens Minimates pictures with the hashtag #MM426 on Twitter or Instagram and at the end of today’s celebrations, DST will pick a winner to receive an Aliens prize pack that contains Minimates, Banks and other DST Aliens Merchandise!

The other DST Alien Day Announcement is the reveal of Toys R US exclusive Aliens Minimates series 3! The series will showcase sets from all of the Alien franchise. The first set shows the red & black Hiveworld Aliens from the Aliens: Genocide comic series. The next set is from the original Alien movie with a Space Suit Kane and a translucent “Phantom” Xenomorph and the last set is from the action packed movie, Aliens. It has Lt. Gorman in his dress uniform and an Attacking Alien Warrior. The nice thing about that set is that this is a way you can get a version of Lt. Gorman without having to buy the APC vehicle set (Though I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t want to buy the APC)

DST Alien Day 01