Drew Weing – Artist Of The Week

This week’s spotlight goes on someone that we’ve talked about before, just not as the Artist Of The Week. His webcomic The Creepy Casefiles Of Margo Maloo is an absolute treat with every page, primarily due to the incredible draftsmanship by Drew Weing.

Drew first came to some attention with his Journal Comic in the early 2000s, followed by Pup, Set to Sea and The Secret Science Alliance, where he inked over his wife Eleanor Davis’s pencils. His work is incredibly detailed, yet retains a wonderful, simple charm where it captures the same feeling as most children’s comics and storybook illustration.

Check out these random pages from the Creepy Casefiles Of Margoo Maloo, then head over to Drew’s web site where you can read the story from the beginning. While you’re there, become a patron, and then head to his online store, where you can buy all sort of goodness.

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margocolor096-048B drew weing