Drax & Groot Minimate Review

You’ve seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, now check out the Minimates! Under the microscope today is the two pack featuring Drax the Destroyer and Groot with Rocket Racoon.

Drax Groot Minimates 01 MOC

Toys R Us has 3 different Minimate sets out right now. Drax & Groot, Star-Lord & Ronan and the TRU Exclusive set, Yondue & Sakaar Trooper. The packaging is the same basic shape all Minimate 2 packs are but this is one of the best looking packages to me. I love the painted artwork and the galaxy background.


Drax Minimate 01

Drax is using a bulked up chest piece and is deco’d with tattoos all over.


Drax Minimate 02 Weapons

Drax comes with two sculpted knives


Drax Minimate 03 Knife

The knives have a great amount of detail sculpted into the handle and blade.


Drax Minimate 04 Tattoos

Speaking of detail, I am surprised at the amount of detail in Drax’s tattoos. These are tiny, fine lined tampos that look great.


Drax Minimate 05 Action

The bulked up torso doesn’t hinder Drax’s articulation at all so he has all the same movement a normal Minimate would. Since he’s a bald character, the head doesn’t have a hole for any head gear on the top. The torso is plain green under the bulked up piece.


Groot Minimate 01

Next up in the package is Groot. Groot features a lot of newly sculpted pieces (Head, Hands & Feet) He also has a thick riser piece making up his lower torso to add height to the figure. There are tree bark tampos all over Groot that meld well with the sculpted pieces.


Groot Minimate 02 Action

Groot is a great figure, but I would have loved to see some extended feet and hand pieces to add even more height to the figure.


Groot Minimate 03 Rocket

Of course instead of extra long Groot pieces, we got something even better…an in scale Rocket Racoon! Rocket doesn’t have any articulation, but he is sculpted to look like he has Minimate articulation.


Groot Minimate 04 Rocket

Rocket stands about half as tall as Groot. He can balance on his feet and tail to appear to stand on his own.


Groot Minimate 05 Head

Groot has two thin tabs on the back of his head. These can be used in a few different ways to attach Rocket to Groot.


Groot Minimate 06 Rocket

The first way Rocket can climb on Groot is if you have Rocket’s open hand grip the top tab on Groot’s head. This makes it look like Rocket is standing on Groot’s shoulder.


Groot Minimate 07 Rocket

You can also have Rocket hold on to the lower peg, this gives the same impression as previously, but Rocket is positioned a little lower.


Groot Minimate 08 Rocket

You can also position the tabs between Rocket’s legs to have him popping up behind Groot’s head.


Groot Minimate 09 Rocket

But the pose I like the best is when you wedge his arm between the two tabs, this makes Rocket look like he’s popping over Groot’s shoulder similar to how he appears in the movie’s commercial


Groot Minimate 10 Rocket Action

I am really glad we got a small Rocket with Groot and not a larger articulated Rocket minimate, but I also would have liked another Groot head with a different expression if I couldn’t get extended body parts. A smiling or screaming head would have been killer and would have added a lot of emotion to the figure.

Groot Minimate 11 Rocket Action


Drax Groot Minimates 02 Action

Out of all of the Guardians of the Galaxy Minimate sets, this is the one to have. It has fan favorites Groot & Rocket Raccoon, who have a great play feature built in, plus the set has Drax which means you get over half of the entire Guardians team in one two pack! Each case of GotG minimates apparently has 4 of each set in it, but these mates are going fast! The first TRU I stopped at had 4 of the TRU store exclusive set, 2 of the Star-Lord set, and none of this set, since this one and the Star-Lord sets are both going to show up at LCS as well, that should tell you how popular this set is. Yesterday I found this set at another TRU (It was the only one and there were 2 each of the Exclusive set and Star-Lord sets) If you see the Groot set, buy it….you may not see it at Toys R Us again.


Drax Groot Minimates 03 Title