DMG Entertainment Acquires Valiant

Here is some comic book news you might have missed as reported by Hollywood Reporter, DMG Entertainment, the company that brought us movies such as Looper and Chappaquiddick, has acquired Valiant Entertainment, the comic publisher that boasts the third-largest universe of superhero characters (over 2000!).

DMG, run by founder and CEO Dan Mintz, already had a 57 percent stake in Valiant, but made a strategic move for whole ownership in order to make a concerted push into film, television and other media platforms.

“This is about taking it to the next level,” says Mintz, a former filmmaker-turned-entrepreneur. “I am not looking on expanding from a publishing standpoint but from a motion picture standpoint.”- Hollywood Reporter

This is big news indeed for the third largest Super Hero universe. There was concrete rumors that Valiant wanted to move into multi media properties and with this buy out, it looks like that is the case. Who knows when the first film will hit but if you though the hero genera was full, just wait for Valiant to hit the big screen with their iconic characters of X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, Ninjak and Faith.  It was also reported that it will be business as usual for the publisher and no changes are expected at the moment. More to come on this breaking story as it unfolds.