Did Ariel Olivetti Copy A Warhammer Model?

It’s always a little sad when an artist takes an obvious shortcut in creating comics. It’s even sadder when its an artist that normally creates work of high quality. It’s saddest when that shortcut apparently infringes upon the intellectual property of someone else. In the extreme, the someone else would be a relatively unknown artist, but thankfully we are not in that realm. The artist in question is Ariel Olivetti and the issue in question is Venom: Space Knight #6.

Let’s start with some photos taken from the day a comics retailer pointed out the copied artwork.

20160507_175302 20160507_175349

The model in question is a Sky Ray Missle Defense Gunship from the Warhammer 40,000 line by Games Workshop. Apparently the view seen in the comic appears to be a direct copy of the gunship, with it’s markings removed, although on the next page one of the markings is visible. At this time, it’s unknown if any of the other ships are Games Workshop models. Check out the panels in question below without the glare from my camera.

olivettiswipe1 olivettiswipe2

99120113028_TauSkyray01For comparison, here’s an image of the gunship from Games Workshop.

I reached out to editor Jake Thomas, but have yet to receive a response. At the writing of this article, I have also reached out to Ariel Olivetti, but much more recently. No contact has been made to Games Workshop. If the retailer in question would like to be known, I will identify them, but in order to protect them from any possible, albeit unlikely, retaliatory action from Marvel, I am keeping them anonymous.