Diamond Select Toys- Toy Fair 2019

DST had several surprises this year and a packed booth. DST is growing each year and with the addition of Gentle Giant, DST will soon need a bigger booth for Toy Fair! More properties are being added and plenty more could be coming! Some of the highlights include: 

NBX Select series 7-10 were shown. You will be able to build the Halloween town guillotine

We will have new DC Gallery items coming for Supergirl, Batgirl, Green Arrow and more! Also The Dark Knight Rises will get some attention with Catwoman and of course Batman. 

Hercules will make his first appearance for the Kingdom Hearts Select series. Also take note that the select figures will see a price increase this year as well. 

DST also showcased some (new) Gentle Giant items and we should see new announcements come SDCC.