Diamond Select Toys Toy Fair 2015 Booth Sneak Peek

Diamond Select Toys showed a small sneak peek of their booth on Facebook last night.

The picture in question shows three shelves full of Statues, Busts and Banks all from the Bruce Timm world! That’s right, DST is making merchandise from Batman the Animated Series and Justice League! As you can see from the picture below, there’s even more merchandise to be seen. Unfortunately, DST has mentioned that there are no Minimates at this time for the license, but what merchandise that is shown looks good enough to forgive DST for no Minimates……for now 🙂

Toy Fair 2015 DST Booth

Stay Tuned for more Toy Fair 2015 news as it comes in!



DST just posted on Facebook that there will be Minimates and Select action figures based on the TV Show Gotham!

Toy Fair 2015 DST Booth 02