Diamond Select Toys! Toy Fair 2014!

DST had some killer items on display but alas, most of them we could not take photos of.  While that was a tad disappointing I can report that those items will be well worth the reveal.

Guardians of The Galaxy- Awesome minimates are coming. Just wait till you see Groot and Rocket. I think this will please the fans.

X-Men- Days of Future Past- Again, this one will please the fans. The detail is what you expect and of course there are some surprise character shown. This could be one of the reasons why they held back.

Kill Bill Action figures- Holy snikes, these look awesome! DST will be releasing several of the key characters from this film including the Bride, GoGo, Johnny Mo, Bud, Bill, O-Ren Ishii and a few more. To me this is the best likeness I have seen from DST. The Bride and Bud are spot on.

Pulp Fiction Action Figures. Once again, the likeness is spot on. Just wait to you see these.

TMNT Movie Minimates- There is a ton of secrecy surrounding the designs of the Bay Turtles. If you want to see an image just Google them. The Minimates are spot on and will enhance any Minimate collection.

Aliens- I am not sure why they are holding these back. I guess it comes down to approval. DST will be diving more into the second film with more characters and they will be making a set from the 1st Alien movie. Once we get the word and images, I will post them.

DST had a few other surprises in store for us such as the Jay and Silent Bob action figures and we were told we might see a few more. The backdrops from these figures turn into the Quicki stop and Video store. I for one cannot wait for these!

Now this last part take with a grain of salt. DST will be doing something from A Nightmare Before Christmas. Not sure what it is, could be banks, select figures or plush…who knows. More on this as we get it. Take a look at the gallery below to see all the cool things on display. Also I was told that DST will continue to push out older and current Marvel Select figures. Rest assured, older ones might be coming out again.

IMG_5060_1024x683 IMG_5061_1024x683 IMG_5062_1024x683 IMG_5063_1024x683 IMG_5064_1024x683 IMG_5065_1024x683 IMG_5066_1024x683 IMG_5067_512x768 IMG_5068_1024x683 IMG_5069_512x768 IMG_5070_512x768 IMG_5071_1024x683 IMG_5072_1024x683 IMG_5073_1024x683 IMG_5074_512x768 IMG_5075_512x768 IMG_5076_1024x683 IMG_5077_1024x683 IMG_5078_1024x683 IMG_5079_1024x683 IMG_5080_512x768 IMG_5081_1024x683 IMG_5082_1024x683 IMG_5083_1024x683 IMG_5084_1024x683 IMG_5085_1024x683 IMG_5086_1024x683 IMG_5087_1024x683 IMG_5088_1024x683 IMG_5089_1024x683 IMG_5090_1024x683 IMG_5091_1024x683 IMG_5092_1024x683 IMG_5093_1024x683 IMG_5094_1024x683 IMG_5095_1024x683 IMG_5096_1024x683 IMG_5097_1024x683 IMG_5098_1024x683 IMG_5099_1024x683 IMG_5100_1024x683 IMG_5101_1024x683 IMG_5102_1024x683 IMG_5103_1024x683 IMG_5104_1024x683 IMG_5105_1024x683 IMG_5106_1024x683 IMG_5107_1024x683 IMG_5108_1024x683 IMG_5109_1024x683 IMG_5110_1024x683 IMG_5111_1024x683 IMG_5112_1024x683 IMG_5113_1024x683 IMG_5114_1024x683 IMG_5115_1024x683 IMG_5116_1024x683 IMG_5117_1024x683 IMG_5118_1024x683 IMG_5119_1024x683 IMG_5120_1024x683 IMG_5121_1024x683 IMG_5123_1024x683 IMG_5124_1024x683 IMG_5125_1024x683 IMG_5126_1024x683 IMG_5127_1024x683 IMG_5128_1024x683 IMG_5129_1024x683 IMG_5130_1024x683 IMG_5131_1024x683 IMG_5132_1024x683 IMG_5134_1024x683 IMG_5135_1024x683 IMG_5136_1024x683 IMG_5137_1024x683 IMG_5138_1024x683 IMG_5139_1024x683 IMG_5140_1024x683 IMG_5141_1024x683 IMG_5142_1024x683 IMG_5143_1024x683 IMG_5144_1024x683 IMG_5145_1024x683 IMG_5146_1024x683 IMG_5147_1024x683 IMG_5148_1024x683 IMG_5149_1024x683 IMG_5150_1024x683 IMG_5151_1024x683 IMG_5153_1024x683 IMG_5154_1024x683 IMG_5156_1024x683 IMG_5157_1024x683 IMG_5158_1024x683 IMG_5159_1024x683 IMG_5160_1024x683 IMG_5161_1024x683 IMG_5162_1024x683 IMG_5163_1024x683 IMG_5164_1024x683 IMG_5165_1024x683 IMG_5166_1024x683 IMG_5167_1024x683 IMG_5168_1024x683 IMG_5169_1024x683 IMG_5170_1024x683 IMG_5171_1024x683 IMG_5172_1024x683 IMG_5173_1024x683 IMG_5174_1024x683 IMG_5175_1024x683 IMG_5176_1024x683 IMG_5177_1024x683 IMG_5178_512x768 `IMG_5179_1024x683