Deadpool Month is Coming to A close………..

Well, it’s been fun and Wade had his time in the spotlight and..huh? Wait a sec….NO! We can do more BUT PLEASE PUT DOWN THAT ROCKET LAUNCHER WADE!! Now be a goo…..BAMMM!

Hey folks, Wade here, this Needless guy thinks he can shut me down? Ha! I showed him good! One rocket right up the #$@##$%^. Yeah, it,s time to move on BUT just  KNOW I am not through with this gig! Look for more exciting things about me, Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool coming soon. Can you believe these A-holes stopped my fabulous spotlight for this Toy Fair thing? Blasphemy I say!

Check out some of these fan images of me doing what I do best! See you all soon!! Oh and there are some actual images from my hit series Deadpool and speaking of those fan images, you can check more of them out right HERE! Celebrate me!!!!!!


a_deadpool_and_harley_quinn_valentine_by_m7781-d779rtr boba_fett_n__deadpool___dirty_deeds_by_m7781-d5y14nf breaking_bad_x_deadpool_by_m7781-d5g69z7 deadpool___showcase_by_m7781-d61b2q1 deadpool_by_drummerboydomo-d620wn5 deadpool_family_by_drummerboydomo-d4e4f2h deadpool_in_wonderland_by_m7781-d67sg7l deadpool_is_dumb_and_dumber_by_m7781-d70nopr deadpool_kills_deadpool_2_by_m7781-d65i5t7 marvel_mercs_by_m7781-d72jkng star_trek_x_deadpool_by_m7781-d5ykvzj