Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Minimates Pre Order

The much awaited, Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Minimate set was shown off this weekend at C2E2 and we have all the details you need to know about how to get this set!



The upcoming Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Minimate set is a 4 pack with updates to popular Spider-Man foes. All four of these characters have been previously made in Minimate form, but some of those are from the very early days around 2003 & 2004. Minimate tampos and accessories have come a long way from those days and this pack looks to be using the best of the best.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 02

Diamond Select c2e2 (23)

As you can see from the press picture and the C2E2 set up, these figures are using some very cool looking sculpted pieces to bring these characters to life. Both Sandman & The Lizard have spare parts to transform them into Flint Marko & Dr. Curt Connors, Carnage also comes with many new symbiote attachments and a Cletus Kasady head.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 03

One of the pieces I’m excited about is Doc Ock’s mechanical legs. This is the first time the legs have been designed to hold the figure up in the air!


Now that you’ve seen the set, how do you get it? Well this set is a Luke’s Toy Store exclusive

Lukes Toy Store

Luke’s Toy Store has been a Minimate seller for close to five years now and is a wonderful resource to Minimate collectors. In fact, LTS is so wonderful that they are offering a bunch of discounts and bonuses for multiple purchases of the Deadly Foes of Spider-Man set! If you buy 2 sets, they automatically take $1 off the price, 3 sets you get $3 off, 4 sets you get $6 off, etc….. You can even get wholesale pricing if you order 12 or more sets!

But that’s not all of the specials Luke’s Toy Store is offering with this set. If you buy 3 or more sets, LTS will toss in a free bag of top secret goodies that compliment this set!

While I don’t know what these goodies are, I can only assume they could be 3-D printed accessories similar to the ones LTS has for sale on their site. If they are 3-D printed accessories, I will say based on previous items I’ve bought from LTS, the top secret goodies will be well worth buying 3 sets!


The Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Minimate set is limited to 3,000 sets and expected to arrive in September 2014. You can pre-order it right now for $19.99 on Luke’s Toy Store by clicking this link: Deadly Foes of Spider-Man


Deadly Foes Spiderman 01