Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Luke’s Toy Store Exclusive Minimate Set

The Deadly Foes of Spider-Man have arrived and they’re bringing the pain in a big way! The Luke’s Toy Store Exclusive Minimate 4 pack is chock full of main Spidey villains, read on to find out all about this set!


Deadly Foes Spiderman 01 MOC

As I mentioned, this Minimate set has four main Spider-Man baddies, Tendril Attack Carnage, Shape-Shifter Sandman, Transforming Lizard & Arm Attack Doctor Octopus. All four of these figures are updates from previously released Minimates but there are many, many reasons to re-buy these characters.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 02 Carnage

First up is Tendril Attack Carnage. He features sculpted tendril shoulders, a removable tendril neck piece, axe hand and tendril hand.

Deadly Foes Spiderman 03 Carnage Hands

Also included with Carnage are two claw hands and another tendril hand. For a character that has long been portrayed with symbiote tendrils sprouting all over him in every direction, this is one of the few figures that captures that appearance. The sculpting on the various hand pieces along with the super detailed paint job adds to the over all look.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 04 Carnage Tendrils

Carnage also has a Cletus Kasady head that can work with or without the tendril neck piece.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 05 Carnage Compare

This is only the second Carnage Minimate and it’s a big improvement from the older one. The paint job is more comic accurate, the hand attachments are more exaggerated and the tendrils on the shoulders and neck really make this figure stand out from the previous release.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 06 Carnage Action

If you’re going to get a Carnage Minimate, this is the one to get. Like I mentioned, it’s a huge improvement on the old one and it has a lot of extra parts to allow you to display Carnage in multiple different appearances.

Deadly Foes Spiderman 07 Carnage Action


Deadly Foes Spiderman 08 Carnage Group

Carnage is a great figure, but he looks even better teamed up with Venom and chasing down Spidey.



Deadly Foes Spiderman 09 Sandman

Next on the block is Shape-Shifter Sandman. As you can see, he has the same base and sand arms that came with the two Spiderman 3 Movie Sandman Minimates. The figure has a more classic comic book appearance to him with the green striped shirt and ribbed hair.

The sand base can be rotated to give four different looks to Sandman.

Deadly Foes Spiderman 10 Sandman Base


Deadly Foes Spiderman 11 Sandman Parts

You also get human arms and legs for Sandman to make him Flint Marko/William Baker.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 12 Sandman Action

This is a great, classic Sandman figure. I would consider the reuse of the sand body parts a staple for a good Sandman Minimate now and I’m glad to see all three of them in this release. These parts coupled with the human body parts gives you at least 6 different looks to play around with and showcase Sandman’s powers well.

Deadly Foes Spiderman 13 Sandman Group



Deadly Foes Spiderman 14 Lizard

The third figure in this set is Transforming Lizard. This is the first Lizard figure to feature a sculpted head and lizard-like hands. The tail is part of the coat and was reused from a previous Lizard Minimate, as was the sculpted legs.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 15 Dr Connors

As the name suggests, Lizard can transform into Dr. Curt Connors. The sculpted Lizard head is a slip on mask and the figure comes with a hair piece, human hand, folded sleeve “arm” and human legs.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 16 Lizard Action

The sculpted parts really add to the Lizard appearance. I’m glad the head is sculpted, but I’m not too crazy about the tongue. It kind of just sticks straight out. I think I would have preferred having no tongue shown, or open the mouth and have a rounded tongue hanging out the side like the sculpted Venom heads we’ve gotten lately. The Lizard comes with a smaller stand with a smaller peg on it than the stands the other figures come with, this is because the holes underneath the Lizard feet are smaller than typical Minimate foot holes. Unfortunately this means that Dr. Connors can’t use this stand, but there are four other larger stand in this set so I’m sure he can fine one to use.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 17 Lizard Group

This is my first comic styled Lizard figure (I have the movie ones) and I think it’s my favorite Lizard Minimate due primarily to the sculpted head. That feature adds a dimension that was missing in the previous Lizard Minimates.



Deadly Foes Spiderman 18 Doc Ock

Finally, we have the last Minimate, the main event of this set, Arm Attack Doctor Octopus! This is now the 3rd Doctor Octopus Minimate and every time, they’ve been made in the classic green and yellow outfit. From the front, this Doc Ock is (sculpturaly) exactly like the previous one from 4 years ago. But unlike that version, this one has 4 ball joints on his back that the mechanical legs can plug onto. This allows them to rotate around easily but still have enough friction to keep the arms from flopping around.

The biggest innovation with this Minimate is that his two lower mechanical legs are made to hold Doc Ock up in the air. The “hands” on the ends of the two legs are flat so that they can stand on the ground, but there are also foot peg holes in the legs to allow you to use the two figure stands that come with Doctor Octopus.

Deadly Foes Spiderman 19 Doc Ock Arms

There are also two other mechanical legs similar to the top two so you can have Doc Ock stand on his own two legs.

Deadly Foes Spiderman 20 Doc Ock Arms

The interchangeable nature of the mechanical legs allows you to position them so he can have them walking him around as well!


Deadly Foes Spiderman 21 Doc Ock Action

Just like Sandman, this is my first Doc Ock Minimate and I couldn’t ask for a better one! You’ve got the classic outfit I grew up with and this is one of the few (Maybe one of only 2 or 3) Doc Ock figures designed to stand on his mechanical arms! The additional mechanical arms and the fact that the standing arms can use figure stands makes this figure stand out from the rest in my book. This is definitely my favorite figure in the box set and is a lot of fun to pose with a Spider-Man Minimate.



Luke’s Toy Store offered a Bonus Kit for anyone who ordered 3 or more of the Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Exclusive set. They only had 80 of these kits made and they all sold out shortly after the Minimate sets arrived. Thankfully I got one of those Bonus Kits as they really enhance the fun factor of this set.

Deadly Foes Spiderman 23 Bonus Webbing

The first piece from the Bonus Kit is a webbed up body piece. The top of this lump of plastic is a Minimate neck joint so you can put any Minimate head on this piece to simulate someone wrapped up in a web cocoon.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 24 Bonus Webbing


The next 3 pieces in the kit are lab bottles

Deadly Foes Spiderman 25 Bonus Bottles

You get a lab beaker with a nifty DNA logo on it and two broken bottle pieces. These are styled to work with Lego bricks and minifigs, but look great standing next to Minimates as well

Deadly Foes Spiderman 26 Bonus Bottles


Deadly Foes Spiderman 28 Bonus Stickers

The rest of the Bonus Kit are custom stickers to create alternate looks for the heads and torsos of the four Minimates in the Deadly Foes set. Luke’s Toy Store included two of each sticker in case you mess up cutting the first one out (or while applying it) The stickers are high quality and look great when used. Luke’s Toy Store posted pictures of these in use previously, but unannounced in this set was the Doc Ock shirt & tie stickers These can be used for those of us who wanted to create a Doc Ock in business suit Minimate.


Deadly Foes Spiderman 29 Bonus Stickers

Deadly Foes Spiderman 30 Bonus Stickers


Deadly Foes Spiderman 27 Bonus Sketch

Also included in the Bonus Kit was a Minimate themed sketch card! Luke and his family drew a bunch of different Minimate characters on these cards. Mine was Mr. Fantastic but I have seen other collectors with cards that had characters like Red Skull & Deadpool. This was definitely a cool addition to an already awesome Bonus Kit!


Deadly Foes Spiderman 22 Title

This has been one of the most fun and exciting Minimate sets I’ve gotten in a while now. The set may be all reused characters, but they are updates to characters who haven’t been seen in these classic comic appearances for at least 4 years now (some as old as 7 years ago) For new collectors, this is a must buy set in order to get these main Spider-Man characters, but even for older collectors, these figures have enough updates (both in additional parts and new paint apps) to warrant grabbing a set. The Bonus Kit Luke’s Toy Store supplied added a ton to this set, but I would still highly recommend this set to anyone as it has a lot to offer.

This set is limited to 3000 pieces (same as the SDCC exclusives) and is only available at Luke’s Toy Store! To order your own set, click here -> Deadly Foes of Spider-Man