DC Multiverse Batman Beyond Review

A new wave of DC Multiverse figures started hitting stores last month including one of my favorite characters, Batman Beyond! I got a hold of one of these figures so read on to see what I thought of him.


Multiverse Batman Beyond 01

The packaging for Batman Beyond is the same style as the other 3 3/4″ DC Multiverse figures


Multiverse Batman Beyond 02

The back of the packaging reveals that this figure is based on the Batman Beyond skin for the game Arkham City rather than being the Terry McGinnis we know from the cartoon series.


Multiverse Batman Beyond 03

The figure is your basic batman body type from the collar bone down (Except for the belt) The collar bone seems to protrude out a little too much, but it’s a small flaw that can be overlooked (probably more the price to pay for for reused molds) The basic Batman Beyond design is represented here nicely


Multiverse Batman Beyond 04

The face has a grim expression that is more in line with the video game.


Multiverse Batman Beyond 05

The articulation is what we’ve come to expect from DC Multiverse figures: Ball Joint Neck, Swivel/Hinge Shoulders and Hips, Hinged Elbows & Knees, Swivel Wrists, Waist and Thighs. This allows for a fair amount of poseability, though I still wish these figures had swivel/hinge elbows

Multiverse Batman Beyond 06


Multiverse Batman Beyond 07

Batman Beyond is a little shorter than the Keaton Batman from the DC Multiverse line but has all the same articulation. This is now our second 3 3/4″ Batman Beyond figure from Mattel and this one is a little bit taller than the Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond figure I reviewed earlier last year. There is also a lot more articulation on this figure than that previous figure had along with a less stylized appearance.

Multiverse Batman Beyond 09



Multiverse Batman Beyond 08


All in all, it’s another Batman Beyond figure. It may not be the perfect figure, but it is the best 3 3/4″ one out there. For the Batman Beyond fans, a new figure is welcome news and this one has a decent amount of articulation and detail.


Don’t waste time hunting for Batman Beyond, this figure can be bought straight from Mattel on Amazon HERE (and as of this writing, it’s super cheap being sold for only $6.14 instead of the regular $10-$13 retail price

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