DC McFarlane Shriek Review

Today we have the McFarlane Shriek figure from the DC Multiverse Batman Beyond wave to look at! This is the second figure in this wave and one of the few original Batman Beyond villains to ever get made in toy form.


McFarlane Shriek comes in the typical DC Multiverse packaging. The back of the box has a dio shot showing Shriek fighting Batman Beyond and the Batman Futures End Build A Figure.




Once you get Shriek out of the packaging, You see he has the same basic appearance as he does in the comics and cartoons. Shriek is one of the few characters that doesn’t differentiate too much between mediums. I really like all of the sculpted detailing on the legs. It adds to what could’ve been a very boring sculpt.


One thing I noticed about the McFarlane Shriek is that he has a great range of motion! Almost none of his articulation is hindered at all here. The waist piece is a thinner, rubber like material than Batman Beyond’s was so Shriek can bend his legs higher. The shoulder armor is also rubbery so his arms can move up easily.


Shriek’s head even has a great range of motion! Seriously, about the only part that is hindered a bit are his hands. The hands can rotate and bend inward and outward a bit. Unfortunately, they can’t really make even a 45 degree bend at the wrist.


Speaking of the hands, I love the translucent Sound Generators! They have a little bit of sculpting to them and are begging to have some LED’s inserted somehow.


Here’s everything included with the McFarlane Shriek figure. Collector’s Card, Figure Stand, Sound Effect and BAF Arms. The Figure Stand works well, but I rarely use them.


The Sound Effect piece has five rectangular holes in it to fit Shriek’s fingers in. The Sound Effect can be put on either hand, but due to it’s natural curvature, it fits on the left hand easier.

It’s a cool effect piece that can add some dynamics to your display.



The Collector’s Card has the same dio picture from the back of the box. The back of the card has his bio which is basically everything I remember about him from the cartoon.


Now that we have more parts for the BAF, we can start to assemble it! Unlike Marvel Legends Build A Figures, this one is made to be able to take the arms off again if you so wish. Make sure to insert the shoulder pieces that came with the torso correctly. The concave side should go against the arm and the flatter side should go against the torso.



Our Futures End Batman looks a bit better with his arms on. The gun arm has a bit more articulation that I originally expected. The elbow joint can swivel side to side along with the regular up down hinge motion.


While I really liked the Batman Beyond figure, I LOVE this McFarlane Shriek figure! The figure just feels very sturdy and has great articulation. He looks cool in almost every pose and just feels like he has a lot of character. It also helps that we don’t have too many original villains from the various Batman Beyond toylines we’ve gotten over the years. It’s mostly variations/incarnations of old Batman villains. I believe the list of action figures of Batman Beyond villains is only six or so figures. Three Jokerz clowns (one of which was an accessory for the other clown) Blight, Spider legs Mr. Freeze head (Not in a Batman Beyond toyline, but looks future tech enough to be in one for me) and the Starro accessory attached to Superman Beyond’s chest in the JLU toyline. Needless to say, I’m happy to have an actual Batman Beyond villain that showed up a few times in the cartoons and comics. There is still a non BAF, regular version of Shriek coming out. It appears the differences will be an unmasked head and different Sound Effect pieces. We’ll be sure to post some pictures of it once it’s finally released. For now, enjoy these pictures of the Target exclusive BAF version.