DC Direct Has Been Shut Down

In a stunning move, Warner Bros has been hit with massive layoffs. Nearly every division of the company has been hit hard, and DC Comics was no exception. Many talented folks at DC Comics have been let go, and the cuts may not be over. In the restructuring, DC Universe looks to be on the way out, with content being moved to other platforms such as HBO Max and the CW. While much of the focus is on the print and digital divisions of DC Comics, we’re heartbroken to share news that DC Direct has been shuttered in the layoffs. Yes, you read that correctly, DC Direct is no more. 

From THR:
Also a victim of the layoffs: DC Direct, the company’s in-house merchandise and collectibles manufacturer. The division has been shuttered after 22 years, another move that was rumored when Warner Bros. Consumer Products began taking a more active role in DC merchandising.

The toy and collectible division of DC Comics has been around for 22+ years. In 2012 the division was rebranded as DC Collectibles. However, ahead of New York Toy Fair 2020, they brought back the DC Direct name that many fans were familiar with.  We have had the pleasure in seeing DC for the past 10 years at Toy Fair and we have come to know a lot of the talent in the division. While our overall coverage has slowed in recent years, we still supported the company. Our hearts go out to the team members who lost their jobs and we all hope to see them again down the road with another company. Today the toy world mourns a true loss.