DC Comics Multiverse Superman

Another wave of DC Comics Multiverse figures are out and we’re checking out the Superman figure based on the Christopher Reeve movies.


DC Multiverse Superman 01 MOC

The package is the same basic design we’ve gotten for the past 3 waves. There’s a bio for Superman and pictures of Christopher Reeve in the Superman costume. The back of the package also shows other movie figures in the series, Zod, Penguin and Catwoman.


DC Multiverse Superman 02

The figure has the classic movie styled costume with the large Superman symbols. I like that the S is sculpted on the chest and that the figure is sculpted with less muscle detail than a comic book figure would have. This captures how the movie outfit looks on Christopher Reeve.


DC Multiverse Superman 03 Head

The head is also a very good likeness of Christopher Reeve, much better than the unmasked Keaton Batman figure’s head.


DC Multiverse Superman 04 Action

The figure has 16 points of articulation (The same as Keaton Batman) This allows for a few good poses, but the figure really needs just two more points (mid bicep swivel or a similar joint) to really get some good looking poses for Superman. Most of the good poses for this figure involves Superman just standing there.


DC Multiverse Superman 05 Action

Also his head could use a better range of motion to allow him to look up while flying. As it is, the head can only look left to right.

DC Multiverse Superman 06 Action


DC Multiverse Superman 07 Posing

The legs have a great amount of articulation, but it just doesn’t fit the character that well. While Batman may fight in stances like this, Superman usually is standing upright. Unfortunately the lack of ability to make his arms cross in front of his chest makes it hard for him to strike a punching stance or his classic folded arms stance. Even the classic “Hero Stance” with fists on the hips is out of the question for this figure.


DC Multiverse Superman 08 Posing

You can get a decent flight stance out of the figure if you have some shaped stands, but due to the angle of Superman’s ankles, you really need a figure stand to allow this figure to stand on one foot.


DC Multiverse Superman 09 Batman

All articulation issues aside, I love this figure just for the look of it. This is a 3 3/4″ Christopher Reeve Superman figure and looks like it came right off the screen. I thought I would have an issue with the semi-rigid rubber cape but it never got in the way while playing with the figure. I like the fact that he fits well with the previously released Michael Keaton Batman figure. I do wish Superman could cross his arms or point his toes, but I’m just as contented to allow a small Christopher Reeve to stand on the desk looking out over the other toys. If you are even a mild fan of the movies (like me) I highly suggest grabbing this figure.


DC Multiverse Superman 10 Title