DC Comics Multiverse Batman Wave 2

The newest wave of DC Comics Multiverse showed up in Toys R Us today and we’re taking a look at the Batman movie figure.

DC Multiverse Batman 01 MOC

This Batman figure is based on the 1989 Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. The packaging is just like the previous wave but now there’s a still image from the movie instead of artwork.


DC Multiverse Batman 02 Wave

The back of the package shows two other figures in this wave’s release. General Zod from the Christopher Reeve Superman II Movie and an unmasked version of this Batman.


DC Multiverse Batman 03 Figure

Batman is seen here in all his movie glory. The one aspect I like the most is the pleather-like soft goods cape. We finally have a Batman with a movable cape and it looks similar to the one in the movie (which looked like plastic or some rubber material)


DC Multiverse Batman 04 Head

The face sculpt is pretty good and has nice paint details on the eyes. I did see a few that had overspray on the face paint so be sure to check through the figures to find the best one.


DC Multiverse Batman 05 Articulation 01

Batman has 18 points of articulation to allow for some decent action poses. The only articulation that I wish would be expanded on is the ankles and the neck. The ankles don’t move at all and the head only swivels back and forth.

DC Multiverse Batman 06 Articulation 02


DC Multiverse Batman 07 Grapple Gun 01

Batman comes with his Grappling Gun. The handle is very thin and the gun is soft rubber so the handle was a little misshapen when I pulled it out of the package. It fits in the open hand rather well though.

DC Multiverse Batman 08 Grapple Gun 02


DC Multiverse Batman 09 Compare 01

While this Batman may not have as much articulation as the later Infinite Heroes figures, it does stand taller by almost a full head.


DC Multiverse Batman 10 Compare 02

Batman fits in well with other DC Multiverse figures. I’m really impressed with this figure. When I heard the new figures were in the store I thought I’d take a look at them, but I probably wasn’t buying any of them….that changed as soon as I saw this Batman. The figure has decent articulation for a 3 3/4″ figure and the look is dead on. I was brought back to my childhood as soon as I saw it in the store. Getting rid of the rubber capes DC figures have had for the past few years was a great idea, I’m very happy to have a Batman that isn’t hindered by his cape