DC Comics: Futures End Covers, Week One

Are you ready for some more kick ass 3D lenticular covers? I sure hope so because here we go again! I know this time around scoring all these killer books should be a tad easier as DC learned from last years mistakes, Read on for more information!

This September, DC Comics – The New 52 will flash forward five years, giving you a glimpse of what may be in store for your favorite DC Comics characters in a month-long event we’re calling “Futures End.” Inspired by the new weekly comic series of the same name, each monthly title in the New 52 will feature a stand-alone story that offers an intriguing look at a possible future for its subject, all written and drawn by some of the best writers and artists in comics. Every “Futures End” issue will also be available with a 3D lenticular cover that hints at the storyline within.

We hope you enjoy this exclusive look at the compelling and flat-out cool 3D covers from Week One of Futures End. Click on the comic title for more information about the issue, and expect more on this “forward thinking” event soon.

024.DCC.Batman.1.0_384x591_537564d0180439.28975518 025.DCC.Btwng.1.0_384x591_53756474bf1ae0.71428076 026.DCC.Earth.1.0_384x591_5375657c8beff6.93434016 027.DCC.Grnrrw.1.0_384x591_5375666c13d684.25162706 028.DCC.Phntom.1.0_384x591_5375679848a4d0.99660794 029.DCC.Sprmn.1.0_384x591_53756291c78960.07133668 030.DCC.Swamp.1.0_384x591_5375673d1bd446.45102532 031.DCC.Aqmn.1.0_384x591_53756369e05266.37138377 032.DCC.Grysn.1.0_384x591_537566192d18e9.26013382 033.DCC.GrnLnt.1.0_384x591_537566d5eec543.46048426