DC Collectibles: From the DC Collectibles Vault

DC Collectibles has launched a new online poll where they ask which never-produced collectible would you like to see made. You might be wondering what collectible and for that take a look at the list below:

Ame-Comi Mary Marvel PVC Statue
DC Universe Online Series of Action Figures
DC Comics Super-Villains: Black Manta Bust
DC Comics – New 52: 3.75-Inch Action Figures
The Rainbow Batman Action Figures

DC was kind enough to post some images to make your decision even tougher and trust me, this one is killer. There is no guarantee the winner(s) will get produced but we can remain hopeful. It is a shame that some of these items were shelved to begin with and I for one hope to see something from this list released. If you want it bad enough let your vote be heard!

1-from_the_vault_cover_580_54b9d7ae797d94.75605191 2-ame-comi_mary_marvel_580_54b9d7cab32d71.19452671 3-dcu_online_actionfigures_580_54b9d7f16d8e98.17967507 4-dc_super-villains_black_manta_bust_580_54b9d8161185b5.55785021 5-new52_375_inch_afs_580_54b9d83b8c2087.43871936 6-rainbow-bm_afs_580_54b9d86fe696c0.37428130