DC Collectibles: And the Winning Bombshell Mera Is…

This past week, DC Collectibles held a vote for fans to decide the design for their next  DC Comics Bombshell Statue. The character in question was Mera, and DC Collectibles offered three choices for fans to vote on. Now DC Collectibles has announced the winning design.

Thanks so much for voting on your favorite DC Comics Bombshell Mera design. After tallying the votes through our official DCComics.com poll and after hearing your input and comments on multiple other sites, we have a winner! Look at the results below…

  • Concept A: 1,371
  • Concept B: 822
  • Concept C: 1,337

That’s right, it was very close, but the winner is Concept A!

Now with that all said and done. If option A sells through then DC will do option C as well:

The first edition of the Bombshell Mera Statue will be based on the design of Concept A. However, since the voting was so close between Concept A and C, if we sell out of Concept A, the second edition of the statue will be based on Concept C.

Once again, here are the three options:

DC-Bombshells-Mera-Option-A-Winning-Design DC-Bombshells-Mera-Option-B-Losing-Design DC-Bombshells-Mera-Option-C-Runner-Up-Design