Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows Review

The Clone Wars were a difficult time for the Star Wars universe. War and infighting became the norm, including within the ranks of the Jedi. Though most remained loyal to the Jedi order, some left to attempt to live a life of peace. The ones who remained fought alongside the clone troopers with little regard to the safety of these soldiers. Unfortunately for the clones, the Jedi saw them as little more than fodder for the battlefield and with few exceptions, treated them as such.

The story pertains to a specific clone and his tale. Set during and after the Clone Wars, the reader is treated to the life of an unnamed clone and his treatment at the hands of the Jedi. Needless to say, he is unhappy with how the clones were handled and is out to discover who this “Darth Vader” warrior is and why he has an identical hatred for the Jedi. The story is frequently told in flashbacks and shows how the Jedi could have possibly led to their demise, due to their creed of limiting emotions, especially toward the clones.

The story itself is very solid. Though the clone is unnamed at the moment (and may remain so) the reader is treated to his view of the war. The character is unfortunately a bit shallow due to his nature of being a clone but is still interesting. The book is an easy read, with limited dialogue throughout. In fact, the majority of the words are those of the clone’s inner thoughts. As for the art, it is sufficient if simple. Since this is a side story, this is forgivable. If this were a major part of the Star Wars universe, I would expect more. As a whole, the initial offering serves the purpose of introducing the character and the mission he is on. I look forward to the next book in the series and the journey this clone partakes.

Rating-7 out of 10

A good start to a new series. If the writers delve further into the mind of the character and the Jedi, this could be a very good side story. The art is good and almost reminds me of the X-Factor books from the ’90’s.