Darth Maul: The Game That Almost Was

Darth Maul is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe. Even though he didn’t show up very much, his appearances in Episode 1 and the Clone Wars/ Rebels tv shows, proved that he was an absolute bad-ass. His character showed us that lightsabers were more that just swords and paved the way for more creative styles of lightsabers. Redfly studios was in the process of bringing to life Maul’s back story, rising through the ranks of the Sith, just to see it shot down just after the acquisition of Lucas Arts by Disney.

This game would have purposed a story that we all wanted. A coming to age tale of one of the most bad-ass characters in Star Wars. Showing off Arkham style combat against Mandalorians, Sith, and Jedi alike. The project was injected a new vision once putting you (as Maul) in the Clone Wars tv show that would have rattled the universe like none has done before.

No one really knows why the game was shut down. I think it may have been that Disney didn’t want this kind of violence and brutality coming from Disney Interactive studios. The game could have easily earned an M rating. One of the early trailers showed Maul beheading a Sith at a young age. Maybe, Disney just wanted to put all efforts into the failing toys to life game, Disney Infinity, where Maul is a playable character. Regardless, we all would have loved to have seen this game happen and would have been very well received by fans and gamers alike.