Dark Knight Rises Catwoman MAFEX New Images!!!

Medicom has released official photos and new info for their upcoming MAFEX Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Figure

These new photos offer us some excellent insight into this incredible figure. The overall likeness of the figure is spot on and this has to be one of the best Catwoman figures done to date. The figure will include an adjustable figure stand and moveable goggles. Catwoman will stand at a tad over 6″ and will fit in any 6″ collection.


The MAFEX Catwoman is schedule for a May 2015 release. It will sell for 4,500 Yen (about $43 USD).

Check out the images below and make sure you get your ore-order in HERE!

MAFEX-Dark-Knight-Rises-Catwoman-001 MAFEX-Dark-Knight-Rises-Catwoman-002 MAFEX-Dark-Knight-Rises-Catwoman-003 MAFEX-Dark-Knight-Rises-Catwoman-004 MAFEX-Dark-Knight-Rises-Catwoman-005 MAFEX-Dark-Knight-Rises-Catwoman-006 MAFEX-Dark-Knight-Rises-Catwoman-007 MAFEX-Dark-Knight-Rises-Catwoman-008 MAFEX-Dark-Knight-Rises-Catwoman-009