Dark Crystal Ursol – Random Toys

This week on Random Toys, we’re looking at the largest basic figure in the Dark Crystal Reaction toyline, Ursol the Mystic!


This is the only basic figure that’s packaged in a window box. Like previous Reaction window boxed figures, Ursol has a main window on the front of the box and another on the top of it. The back of the box shows the full series just like the basic cardbacks.






Both of the side flaps on the box shows what looks like a digital mock up of the Ursol figure.








Ursol looks nice, but I feel it slightly misses the screen accurate mark that many of the other figures in this line have hit. The colors seem off being primarily grey. The sculpting on the face is nice and detailed but the eyes don’t seem as weary as they should be. Also, the sculpting on the rest of the figure is very detailed and looks good, except for the cloth details on the arms, which look pretty soft.




The tail has 3 points of articulation, which normally would be awesome. Unfortunately, in this case the articulation is swivel joints and moving them doesn’t really change the main shape of the tail at all. Double barbell joints would’ve added much more to the figure allowing the tail to be posed and still retain the appearance it has.


All four arms have swivel joints on the shoulders. This allows the front pair of arms to appear to get out of the way of the rear pair of arms, but there’s still not much room for them to move. They can still move backwards slightly, but that’s about it.







We have another instance of the sculpting getting in the way of the articulation a little with Ursol. The armor on the front shoulders butts up against the back armor so the only way to move the arm is to wiggle it out of socket a little so the shoulder armor can go under the back armor





The rear arms aren’t without issues either. While moving Ursol around, the rear arm just fell off! Thankfully, it’s not really broken, the arm plug just came out of the body hole. It can be plugged back in just fine, but it’s pretty loose and can easily come off again on my figure. Other figures may not have this issue.







Ursol comes with the 4th piece of the Dark Crystal build an accessory and a walking stick








Overall, the sculpting on Ursol is decent. Some aspects of the figure look great while others fall flat. I really like many of the intricately sculpted details on the face and hands. The hair looks great as does the armor and walking stick. Like I previously mentioned, the arms are a problem on this figure (both in sculpting and poseability) Ursol will probably work best in the background of a scene. I thought it interesting to note that in the movie, Ursol is the counterpart to SkekSil (who is the previous figure reviewed in this toyline) I like that kind of detail in the toyline planning.