The CW Is the Network for Comics On Television

This past couple of television seasons has seen an eruption of television shows based on comics, with CW leading the way with The Flash, Arrow, and iZombie. Word got out earlier that Supergirl would join those shows, and a renewed Legends of Tomorrow. Today it was announced that the CW would have a solid half dozen of comic-based television series on its schedule. The newest series to debut, based on a comic book series is Riverdale.


This isn’t surprising, as Riverdale was heavily favored to be an addition to the line up. Archie Comics sent out numerous press releases with every development and cast member added. Today, it became official. Supergirl moving to the network puts the show more at home with many other shows geared towards a younger audience. Now with a schedule aimed to lock in a younger demographic, it seems only natural that it be the network to host the most comics-related shows.


ABC has only one show based on comics, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, but has cancelled Agent Carter and passed on Most Wanted, which would have featured Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. Fox has two with Gotham and Lucifer, the second of which really found a following with it’s premiere season. With streaming series included, we seem to be in a golden age of comics on TV, but TNT has passed on a Teen Titans series, and Marvel can only keep Agents of SHIELD afloat, despite lackluster ratings. It looks like CW is the only network that can consistently capture viewers, primarily with Greg Berlanti-produced series. Riverdale may change that make-up and Fox may be able to turn viewership of Lucifer into momentum for more mature-themed comic-based series. We also haven’t even touched on The Walking Dead’s two series and a new Preacher series at AMC, or the Southern Bastards series in development at FX.

Time will tell, but I smell a listicle coming of comics we’d like to see turned into television series.