Custom “McFarlane” Style Icons Spiderman!

Needless reader and close friend Mike Pitts sent us something awesome today. A custom painted (with some sculpting tweaks) Icon 12″ Spiderman! I for one loved the Icon series and it was so refreshing to see this piece done up right. Mike has been painting and customizing toys for years (over 20 to be exact) and I have seen his skills continually grow. I for one think this is a beautiful piece, one even McFarlane would be in awe of. Here is what Mike had to say:

The 12″ Spiderman Icon was repainted darker blue and a paint wash was added to the web lines. This in-turn gave them more definition.I also sculpted bigger eyes and nose McFarlane style using milliput and clear coated it twice for play ability

Besides the Spidey he sent us other pieces as well and we plan to showcase some more in the next few days.  For now lets all enjoy this Spiderman and thanks again Mike!

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