Crew of the USCCSS Nostromo Minimates Box Set

Diamond Select Toys just updated the Art Asylum Blog with pictures and info for a new Hastings exclusive Alien Minimate boxset: Crew of the USCCSS Nostromo


As the name suggests, this new box set is full of the crew of the Nostromo Minimates. Many fans have wondered if there would be a follow up to the first Alien Minimate box set and if we’d get the full crew at somepoint. Well in one fell swoop, we’ve gotten all the info our little xenomorph infected chests could hope for!

Not only will we be getting most of the crew in this Hastings Store Exclusive box set, we’ve also heard a little bit of the upcoming series 3 Minimates which will feature figures from Alien (Including the last of the crew members!)


Nostromo Minimates 01

The Hastings Exclusive Crew of the USCCSS Nostromo Minimates box set includes Captain Dallas, Lambert, Brett & a glossy black “Big Chap” Alien! The control art for the four figures shows the accessories and extra body parts the figures will come with to portray different looks for the characters. One of my favorites has to be the screaming Lambert head.

Nostromo Minimates 02 Nostromo Minimates 05 Nostromo Minimates 04 Nostromo Minimates 03


The Crew of the USCCSS Nostromo Box set can be bought from Hastings online Store right now (The store’s webpage has the incorrect name of Narcissus, but it’s actually the Nostromo box set)


As for Series 3, the Art Asylum blog says that it will include the final crew member, Ash and the distinctive space suits seen in the film! I can only hope there will be a partially melted Kane helmet with a facehugger nearby.