Cover Gallery: What If? Vol. 1

A guilty pleasure of mine is the first series of What If? by Marvel Comics. Now with Secret Wars looming on the horizon and bringing back some of these versions of familiar characters, we started on our Facebook feed highlighting the covers for the series, but news, reviews, and previews got in the way and I can’t be certain that I’ve kept them in order or even where I stopped.

Rather than be sad and just quit, here is a gallery of the covers from What If? featuring some really good covers by Mike Golden, Bill Sienkiewicz, John Byrne, and Jack Kirby.

whatif01 whatif02 whatif03 whatif04

whatif05 whatif06 whatif07 whatif08

whatif09 whatif10 whatif11 whatif12

whatif13 whatif14 whatif15 whatif16

whatif17 whatif18 whatif19 whatif20

whatif21 whatif22 whatif23 whatif24

whatif25 whatif26 whatif27 whatif28

whatif29 whatif30 whatif31 whatif32

whatif33 whatif34 whatif35 whatif36

whatif37 whatif38 whatif39 whatif40

whatif41 whatif42 whatif43 whatif44

whatif45 whatif46 whatif47