Could we See Ghostbuster Style Black Figures?

We have a new rumor and this one could be huge. Granted im not up on all the Ghostbuster news coming out but I did find it interesting with the Hasbro Toy Fair announcement. The rumors in question deal with Hasbro producing a collectors line of figures similar to Star Wars, Power Rangers, and GI Joe. No other info has been seen minus the fact that if this did happen we would get classic characters mixed with new movie characters, which is a no brainer. My guess? Im thinking it will be 3 or 4 of the original cast and at least 2 new movie cast members. Lets look at this and speculate a bit:

This distributor had the following listed and can be found via Google searches. 

GHB: Plasma Clementine – HSBE9799 | $19.99

GHB: Plasma Grizzly – HSBE9798 | $19.99

GHB: Plasma Zucchini – HSBE9797 | $19.99

GHB: Plasma Pepper – HSBE9796 | $19.99

GHB: Plasma Spinach – HSBE9795 | $19.99

GHB: Plasma Sesame – HSBE9794 | $19.99

So lets take a gander to see what we have…

GHB: Plasma Zucchini could be Winston Zedemore 

GHB: Plasma Pepper could be Peter Venkman

GHB: Plasma Spinach could be Egon Spengler

GHB: Plasma Sesame could be Ray Stanze 

The first two are clearly from the new cast and many are speculating on whom. We will know soon enough. Remember this is all a rumor until confirmed.