Cosplay Sunday The Supergirl Edition

Wow, it has been a while since we posted any cosplay images and for that we apologize. We felt today was a great day to showcase Supergirl! With the news of the first images of Supergirl hitting this week, we felt the timing was perfect. Now before we begin take note:

We take zero credit for the images. We consider ourselves a portal for cosplayers to reach new fans and visa versa. We did not take this pictures. That credit goes to the photographers. We try to list what we can but some of these images, along with the cosplayers we do not know. Secondly, be nice and courteous.These young ladies are awesome and should be treated with respect.

Lastly, some of these beauties we do not know. If you know the cosplayer please let us know so we can give her the credit she deserves. If any images needs to come down by all means tell us! The About Us has instructions on just that. Please give us 24 hours to comply.

Now with that out of the way lets begin! We have some sultry, sexy, naughty and just plain awesome Supergirls to show you and with that we have….. Musable! Check out her fan page and make sure you give her an awesome like. Photo credit goes to Iconiq Cosplay Photography, Leo Photography and Stardust Photography.

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Next up is Inochii / Nerdy Lolita with images taken by Ron Gejon Photography and Daniel Lin Photography. Such a beauty! Give her a like folks and check out her other cosplay images. This girl is down right awesome.

1452302_722092241193217_4031489115444052518_n 10473045_698744250194683_172743780338005835_n 10647202_711676432234798_3384655367386593184_n

Now we have Succubus Kiss sporting the New 52 Supergirl. All I can say is we need more images of her. This girl is awesome and her cosplay is perfect! Photos by Julio Charlemagne Photography and JR Vork Photography

1377055_381143742017581_1391284113_n 1379383_381143962017559_1443507456_n

Up next is the sultry The Geeky Gamer Girl sporting her New 52 Supergirl. Photos from John Berry Photography. Check her out folks. She has some damn fine cosplay images on her page. 

1891213_534125823388274_1491172615727126005_n 1912215_538247166309473_8406353066676865531_n 10344771_547203928747130_7905791514275043165_n 10610697_529289967205193_1175133154133924765_n 10689741_531682300299293_3997352482962760645_n 10931466_575049972629192_2960779555007268305_n

Last but not least is the unknowns. If you know any of these cosplayers please let us know in the comments section. We want to give proper credit to both the cosplayer and the photographers.

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Let us know which character you would like to see and we will post him or her up! If you know an upcoming cosplayer who could use a boost let us know! We are firm supporters of the cosplay community and without them, both male and female our hobby would be down right depressing.