Cosplay Sunday- The Deadpool Videos

Cosplay Sunday- The Deadpool Videos are worth watching! Hi, welcome back to this weeks Cosplay Sunday Edition. This week we are looking at some amazing Deadpool and friends videos from different Comic Cons. The first one up is from Comic Con international. The main guy behind these videos is P Diddy.

Just click on the video to go to wide screen folks.

You will be seeing some awesome antics from Deadpool and many more so it’s worth the watch. The reason why we are bringing this one up is due to Dragon Con. Dragon Con is by far, one of the largest gatherings of Cosplayers on the East Coast. If you ever get a chance to go, do it. Now we will be sharing Dragon Con videos soon but this is to get you started.Cosplay Sunday- The Deadpool Videos

I found these videos to be truly amazing and absolutely hilarious. Now one thing to remember folks, most, if not all of these antics are staged so please don’t go slapping a cosplayer on the rear. That will just get you thrown out of the show or worse.

Here is another that is well worth a look:

You can check out all of P Diddys videos here and for the record, he makes a fine Deadpool!

Oh and here is a sneak peek at next week! Star Wars Cosplay!