Cosplay Sunday Supergirl Special Extravaganza

In celebration of the upcoming Supergirl Pilot we would like to showcase some awesome Supergirl cosplay. Supergirl has been one of my favorite female Superheroes for years and the possibility of getting a proper television show is exciting. I am also a fan of Supergirl cosplay and we gathered some of the best cosplay images online. What a way to celebrate a character and these young ladies do a killer job. As always we take no credit for the images but we do like bringing our readers an opportunity to connect with some of our favorite Cosplayers. Make sure to click their links and show them some love on their Facebook pages. Always show respect and guys, keep it classy. Cosplayers are a major part of our hobby and we all have a place in our geekdom. Enjoy!!

Cosplay Sunday Supergirl Special Extravaganza



megan coffey

Jessica Nigri

Heather1337 and Jenifer Ann

Callie Cosplay


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