Constantine Season 2 Is A Go On CW Seed

If you haven’t watched the Constantine TV series from NBC in the 2014-2015 season, you have really missed a heck of a series that didn’t get a second season, when it really deserved it. Matt Ryan’s version of John Constantine was almost a spot on portrayal of the character from the comic books. When it was cancelled, there was a push from fans for it to be picked up by another network. Things looked promising when Matt Ryan reprised the character in Season 4 of Arrow, and a fan push came again for CW to pick up the series.

Now we have Constantine Season 2, in a way.

CW Seed will air an animated Constantine series, starring Matt Ryan as the voice of Constantine. This will similar to the treatment given to character Vixen. It will be produced by Greg Berlanti and David Goyer. It will be connected to the Arrowverse, but no announcements were made of guest stars from other Berlanti shows although CW head Mark Pedowitz mentioned that other characters from the NBC series might return for the animated reprise. He also mentioned that there were no plans for Constantine to return to live action in any of the Arrowverse shows in the forthcoming seasons.(Source)

You can watch Constantine Season 1 on CW Seed, which I heartily recommend for any fan of the Hellblazer. Matt Ryan’s portrayal of the character is not just spot-on, but offers much to add. Several episodes are a must and there are plenty of Easter Eggs in there for comic book fans. Go onto Netflix to watch the character’s guest spot in the Arrow Season 4 episode “Haunted.” It’s a great example of how to incorporate a supernatural character into a series that flirts with the concept of magic. It also shows a great respect for related content that was never intended to cross over.