Complex by Raginspoon Toys Review

Raginspoon Toys’ Complex Base Building System has been released and we grabbed a few sets. Join us as we show off what this system is and what you can do with it!

There are two types of Complex sets: Floor & Wall. Both of these types come in two different colors: Urban (Light & Dark Grey) or Desert (Dark Grey & Tan) We’ll be looking at the Urban versions of the Floor and Wall sets. The packaging is simple showing off everything that comes in the box. I like that the box itself is printed up to look like the floor or wall that is in it. The sides even have the edge of the floor printed on them.


Here is everything that you get in one Complex Floor set. There are two panels, each one has a concrete side and a wire mesh side. There are also four connector pieces.


The connector pieces have tabs that slide into the slots on the panels. Once you fully slide a connector between two panels, they’re pretty secure. Since this is a mass produced item, there’s a bit of slight variations with some of the connectors and panels (sometimes there’s a small bit of left over flash or something like that) This has caused a few parts to be a little hard to connect together, but I’ve found if you try turning the connector around or try sliding it in from the other side, it works out well.


I have has a couple of pieces that popped apart while trying to build. Thankfully, this is a very fixable problem. The parts will snap back together, but if they are still a little loose, you should be able to drop a little super glue into the holes that the opposite side’s pegs go into. I’m still not entirely sure if this was a manufacturing error or if it happened because I pulled too hard on a part, but like I said, it appears to be easily fixed.



The four different connectors can make four different areas. The 4 sided connector can be used for connecting four panels with one connector. The 3 sided connector can make a T joint between panels, the L connector is great for making a corner shape (either for two walls or for a floor connecting to a wall) and finally, the 2 sided connector is great for joining panels as a floor or large wall. The 2 sided connector, L connector & 3 sided connector are must haves when creating floors as the flat side of the connectors needs to be on the bottom of your complex (So you have an even flat surface for the base of your complex)


Since the two panels that come with a single Complex Floor set have two different sides, you can make four different displays with a single set.


Here’s a close up of the details between the concrete and wire mesh sides. You’ll notice that each panel has 8 small holes on both sides. These holes are the perfect size for the backpack pegs on modern GI Joes which allows you to plug backpacks into the floor/wall! I’ve found the backpacks plug into the concrete side easier, probably due to the flat surface versus the grid pattern. Currently Raginspoon Toys does not have any accessories for these holes, but I’m sure they have some planned for future waves.


A single Complex floor set makes a nice backdrop for 1:18th scaled toys or smaller. For the Marvel Legends or Star Wars Black Series collectors, you’ll need more than one set. Each panel is about 5 3/4″ wide/tall so those 6″ figure are just slightly too big for one wall.


Just like the floor sets, the Complex Wall has two unique sides. One side has a distinctive doorway appearance while the other side has a technological/computer side. Each Complex Wall set only comes with one wall, two door panels and three connector pieces. The image above shows the contents of TWO Wall sets.


The two door panels plug into the door frame easily and stay in place securely. The computer side is wider than the door side which allows the door panels to plug into small notches around the door frame.


The lower door panel has a hole in the top of it that is the perfect size to plug a few GI Joe weapons into it. Seen here is the Minigun from the Pursuit of Cobra Vamp.


The step connector is actually a two part piece. There’s the large main part that is similar to the floor’s L connector as it has the same tabs, but it’s larger to accommodate the thicker wall/door frame. It also has two small holes that allow you to attach the small step so you can have a normal looking doorway on the outside of your Complex. The step has a small and large peg so it can only be attached in one direction. (which hides the plastic seams on it)


The wall also comes with an End Connector. The End Connector only has a tab on one side so this is useful if you want to cover up any unused slots on the edge of your wall. 



While the wall set isn’t exactly a must have for most dio builds (unless you need a door) it does add to a set up. Here’s three Complex sets (two Floor sets and a Wall set) making a simple playset configuration. While I highly suggest getting more than three sets, this is a good minimum for making a small dio scene or having fun with some figures.


The door frame in the wall works great for 1:18th scale figures and under, but like the floor sets, it’s a little small for larger figures by itself. The only drawback here being that unlike the floor sets, you can’t make the doorway larger by adding walls to it.



One last thing I’d like to mention about these Complex sets. Since they are modular, they can be stored in a smaller space. Here you can see a good sized playset (1 foot x 1 1/2 feet x 6″) that can be broken down and stored into these six boxes. (1 foot x 7″ x 7″) They could be stored in a even smaller space if I didn’t use the Complex packaging and just tossed the parts into a single box.

I love the fact that I don’t have to find space to store a large playset when I’d only use small sections of it for taking pictures of action figures.

I can not recommend these sets enough. They make a very nice backdrop for just about any size action figure. You can make most any type of building you want out of them, Industrial building, Utilitarian office space, Giant robot hangar, Evil lair, Military base, ect…. Truly your imagination is the limit with these sets. Raginspoon Toys have already teased a catwalk piece for wave 2 which will add even more playability to these sets and I can’t wait to see what else they may add. (Possibly a giant, tall door that could double for 1:18th vehicles or 5″ action figures? hint, hint)

The Complex Base Building System can by purchased at SmallJoes They have single sets and 5 packs for sale. I highly suggest grabbing a 5 pack, not only is it cheaper than buying five individual sets, you’ll also find you need more sets than you originally planned…I know I did.


Complex using a foot tall Big Guy figure

I don’t know if the Complex sets were designed to have a connector piece sticking out of the empty space between four connectors, but I like how it looks.