Comic Lover’s Wife: Wonder Woman

sweetheart250by Mrs. Stan Ford

Let me start this article by stating up front that I was not into comics before meeting my comic loving husband. I don’t have much background on many of the characters. I owe 99% of what comic knowledge I have now to my husband’s conversations on the topic and our adventures to find comic shops near and far.

There is only 1 character that I have known for some time and has always had a special place in my heart -Wonder Woman. This was not due to comics though. I grew up watching Linda Carter. I would sit around in my Wonder Woman Underoos and watch her fight crime and get the bad guy. The 1970’s beauty represented everything I wanted to grow up to be…strong, independent, poised, brave, honest and someone who contributed to society. Wonder Woman gave little girls like me a superhero WE could emulate and hope to be some day.

When I married my husband and got into comics, I was disappointed to see what Wonder Woman in the comics had become. She seemed more like a sidekick than the independent superheroine that she is. Even though she is one of the strongest and oldest members of the DC universe, she still is more known now for her constantly changing/shrinking outfits and being the love interest of superman.

I am excited to see DC is going to be starting a new story line for Wonder Woman based on the Linda Carter representation. I am hoping that they can bring back the strong honorable woman who was more than an outfit. I am looking forward to reading stories where Wonder Woman is a respected member of society, helps those who need it and is the strong leading lady she deserves to be. I am hoping that little girls in the near future can look forward to a Wonder Woman who can be their role model too.