Comic Christmas Shopping Suggestions: Day Ten

Between now and Christmas, every day we’ll highlight a suggestion for gift giving. All of these suggestions will be comics-themed, and every day will see one featured.

For Day Ten, we’re going outside of books again, because most comic fans buy what they want right away, so we visited the DC Entertainment shop for some gift ideas centered around one of the breakout characters of 2014.

batezpposhar-w1000HARLEY QUINN PRODUCTS

We’re not going to discuss toys, because that’s for the other guys here at Needless Essentials to tackle.

Harley Quinn was probably the breakout character for DC, and serves as their answer to Deadpool in her status as an anti-hero, yet has the appeal in her humor that few other characters in the New 52 can match. If you don’t think she’s popular, then just do a search in the Warner Bros. store as I did, and you’ll see how much is out there. I’m not going to cover everything, but just the things that jump out as the things that the Harley fan on your list might not expect under the tree.

batezpposbad-w370Art prints, like the one featured above are always good, especially if you go get them framed before wrapping them. The size can vary from a modest 10 x 15 to a gorgeously large 20 x 30. The style on the prints available are not just virgin cover art retooled for a poster, but works specifically made to be an attractive work of art in their own right. Just be certain that if you go the art route, that you make just a little extra effort, which needs to be said even more if you wind up giving a regular poster. Spend the extra few dollars on a frame. You don’t need to get it professionally framed, but think about the presentation, all right?

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I don’t want to know if you’re getting the costume to cosplay at conventions or for a special “secret wishes” gift for someone special in your life to enjoy, but the fact that there’s three different costumes available means something about Harley Quinn’s popularity.I do admire that they haven’t abandoned the original harley quinn costume altogether, which still remains my personal favorite. People like costumes, and if you know that costume will make Christmas special, then by all means, you should think about the Harley Quinn costumes, ranging in price from $50-$70 dollars, they’re not too pricey and are definitely something that rings of a unique gift.


batbddress01-w370Now, you can go with a tee shirt if you want, and there are plenty out there, but if you want to find a more unique gift, then go with other types of clothing. There’s dresses, shoes, sleepshirts, knit caps, jewelry and of course, tee shirts, but I would suggest a sublimation print shirt or long sleeve pullover to choose for a better gift than another comic themed tee shirt to wear.


These are just a few suggestions, but in your browsing you may decide that a traditional tee shirt, action figure, statue or trade paperback is the way to go with that Harley fan on your list, but do not drop the ball on that one.

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