Combiner Wars Sky Lynx and Deluxe Wave 6 Official Hi Res Images!

While the Needless team was marching through Heroes con, both as fans and as dealers, there was another little con going on and this one was all about Transformers! BotCon 2015 is in full swing and we have some must see images thanks to both Hasbro and HunterPR! The team turned into bona-fide fanboys when we first saw these so without hesitation here is your 2016 Combiner Wars figures!

Combiner Wars Sky Lynx! Sky Lynx is coming as a part of Combiner Wars 2016 Voyager Wave 2, and transforms into the torso of the lynx king, Sky Reign! Sky Reign even sports the Lynx mode head of the original Sky Lynx.

Sky Reign forms his limbs out of the Autobots who are in Combiner Wars Deluxe Wave 6 / 2016 Deluxe Wave 2. They are:

  • Hound (remold of Combaticon Swindle)
  • Smokescreen (remold of Protectobot Streetwise)
  • Trailbreaker (at least, that’s what the filename calls him. Remold of Stunticon Offroad)
  • Wheeljack (extensive remold of Stunticon Breakdown)

B5609_Sky Reign Combined

Deluxe-Hound-Bot Deluxe-Hound-Vehicle

Deluxe-Smokescreen-Bot Deluxe-Smokescreen-Vehicle

Deluxe-Trailbreaker-Bot Deluxe-Trailbreaker-Vehicle

Deluxe-Wheeljack-Bot Deluxe-Wheeljack-Vehicle


Voyager-Skylynx-Beast Voyager-Skylynx-Vehicle