Combiner Wars Computron First Image

The first image of Computron from the Combiner Wars Transformers series has hit the web courtesy of Weibo. There’s repaints aplenty, and a few new parts too!


As you can see, the image in question appears to be from the back of some Combiner Wars packaging (Probably a full gift set) But this gives us our first look at what the toys are going to look like (or at least the prototypes)

Scattershot appears to be a repainted Silverbolt in this mode. Perhaps his bot mode has some retooling, I can’t tell from this picture. The big thing that’s getting everyone’s attention is the fact that Computron has new hands and feet! Unlike all the other combiners in Combiner Wars, it appears that Computron gets dedicated hands and feet parts and not a combo gun/hand/foot piece. The feet appear to also include rocker ankles.

The rest of the bot looks pretty good and should make for a great modern version of a G1 combiner.