Combiner Wars Combaticons and Bruticus!!

Hasbro has released official images of the Combiner Wars Combaticons following their reveal at Botcon today. Here is the full list:

  • Voyager Onslaught
  • Deluxe Swindle 
  • Deluxe Blast Off 
  • Deluxe Vortex 
  • Deluxe Brawl 

And, of course, their combined form, the big bad battlin’ Bruticus! This will be an epic build and one all Transformers fans will want to own. If you missed the 3rd party version (Warbotron) then you will want to pick this up. While it might lack the overall size, the quality is there and Hasbro did an outstanding job with these.

Combiner_Bruticus Deluxe_Blastoff_Bot_v3 Deluxe_Blastoff_Vehicle_V2 Deluxe_Brawl_Robot_V2 Deluxe_Brawl_Vehicle_Right Deluxe_Swindle_Bot_v2 Deluxe_Swindle_Vehicle_Right Deluxe_Vortex_Bot_v2 Deluxe_Vortex_Vehicle Voyager_Onslaught_Robot Voyager_Onslaught_Vehicle