Code Name: Iowa Assembly Required 2013

Save the Date! We are pleased to announce this year’s “Assembly Required” will be held in Des Moines, IA on Saturday, November 16th! Keep checking Facebook for more details!

Now that you read the date you might be wondering what the heck  is Assembly Required? Let me tell you..It’s one of the most adventurous G.I. Joe themed shows out there. Now do not get me wrong, Joe Con is still king but this show is a ton of fun AND is supported by the power house known as Joe Declassified. This show is more personal and dives deep into the lore of G.I. Joe.

The exclusives are killer (check out the sneak peaks) and are very unique. I was lucky enough to snag some earlier this year. The prizes are top notch and who would  like to own a squad of Night Vipers? I know I would.  There will be several prizes AND to win you just need to go. If that was not enough then check out Joe Declassified. As I mentioned above, this organization is a power house within the hobby. If you want to learn some Joe history or see that said history in person you will have that opportunity. One of the highlights from past conventions is the glorious showcases at the Declass booth. The fans is also another good reason to go. Since this is a smaller show you will have the opportunity to mingle and meet new fans within the hobby. Also do not forget about the vendors. There will be plenty of G.I. Joe product to buy.

So now that you have the date and a brief introduction to the show, you owe it to yourself to go. Plus if you go you might win that MIB G.I. Joe Whale.

Pictured below is some of the prizes and exclusives. They will be posting more information concerning their exclusives and if you want to stay in the know then go to Code Name: Iowa,s official Facebook page today!

1235940_574347429278971_1165327183_n 1374933_572581839455530_784780272_n

1375854_582754988438215_1689316641_nCan you believe this?? All of these could be yours!!!

1378142_583940301653017_1241209465_n 1379584_578538072193240_1784082547_n 1380636_576485079065206_2078023660_n 1380805_583941614986219_1373023153_n 1382352_583861104994270_582364919_n 1391800_579908818722832_1321794085_n 1392032_582810708432643_1376415714_n

You can WIN this WHALE!!!