Cobra Commander Retaliation Wave 3.5 Review

We are in the final stretch, 11 down and 1 more to go. This marks our 11th G.I. Joe review here at Needless Essentials Online and it’s a dozy. This whole wave has been refreshing and full of surprises. There was some figures I knew I was going to love and some I told myself I was going to hate. How did the Commander compare to the others? You will find out after the jump!

I did not want to like this figure. It looked boring, unmotivated and well, it’s Cobra Commander. Oh how wrong was I. This is indeed the ultimate version of this ruthless leader of the Cobra organization. What did it for me was the improved articulation, vac metal style helmet, an extra head and a mini fang copter. This was a pure win on Hasbro’s part. In fact, if they ever decide to make this same figure again, don’t. Just re-release this one as all the other classic Cobra Commander fail in comparison.

This is a fantastic update to the character and I really appreciate the extra head. The hooded version is just as iconic as this one and it makes sense to include it. The accessories are a little light compared to the other figures but then again, he comes with a mini copter. This Ultimate version know owns the collection spotlight and all the other classic commander have been demoted to storage. Thanks for giving us this one Hasbro, we owe you big time! My rating? 5 out of 5.

****NOTE- The figure does come with a stand. It was inadvertently left out of the picture.


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